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Created on 2009-04-24 18:33:12 (#120751), last updated 2011-07-10 (323 weeks ago)

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Name:The Apartment Gardeners
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Welcome to the Apartment Garden Community!

This community is all about container gardening and gardening in small spaces.

Community Guidelines

1. Please check the tags before posting a question because it may have already been answered in a previous post.
2. Please do a little research about your gardening space and what you can grow before posting. Posts such as "I'm new what should I grow" tend to clutter up the community and are not really helpful.
3. For organizational purposes, please tag your post with any of the tags used before.
4. NO DRAMA. Be respectful of your fellow members and constructive with your comments. Unhelpful or rude people will be warned once, and if the behavior is repeated, banned. We aren't always going to agree, but please keep any debates civil and constructive.
5. Pics bigger than 480X640 or more than one picture per post need to be under a cut.
6. Please ask the moderator's permission before promoting another community.
7. No selling posts. Seed Trading is ok though.

Helpful Links & Information

- How to make an Earth box- Homemade self contained gardening box

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apartment gardening, backyard, community gardens, compost, composting, container gardening, container gardens, container growing, container planting, courtyard gardens, creative potting, creative use of space, cuttings, dirt, edible gardens, environment, environmentalism, environmentalist, farming, fire escapes, flowers, food production, free plants, free seeds, fruit, garden, gardener, gardeners, gardening, gardening tips, gardens, global sustainability, green living, green things, green thumb, greenery, greenhouse, growing, hanging baskets, herbs, homemade, homesteading, house plants, houseplants, independence, indoor gardening, irrigation, learning, maximizing minimum space, patio garden, planter boxes, planting, planting things, plants, pots, potted plants, rooftop gardens, seeds, self-sufficiency, suburban homesteading, sustainable living, urban homesteading, vegetables, window boxes, zones
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